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Industrial distributors eventually reach a point in their growth/evolution where generic, “vanilla” software packages cannot adequately meet the unique functionality requirements of their markets. Years of workarounds and “making do” finally take their toll. Efficiency and profitability drop, and the search is on for a software package built with the industrial distributor in mind.

TECSYS provides supply chain management software designed specifically for the Industrial Distribution market, including Janitorial Supply, Industrial Paper, and Food Service Products (hard goods). At the core of TECSYS software for industrial distribution are industry-specific business rules and business processes that can be adapted to any customer requirements. And with an integrated web service site on the front end that’s specific to industrial distribution, they’ll be even happier building a business relationship with you.

TECSYS Supply Chain Platform with Visual Content

TECSYS Supply Chain Platform with Visual Content

Breakthrough technology for optimizing warehouse operations, and a revolutionary shift in warehouse management thinking!

Sales Order Management

Improve customer service, encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue through cutting-edge order management. Our screens have been designed with input from our customers to maximize information and minimize the effort required to produce a quote or an order.

Order Management

  • Efficiently and accurately process orders with system-wide visibility into product availability.
  • Offer alternative or up-sell products.
  • Identify and offer alternatives to superceded items.
  • View customer buying history, credit status and historical pricing data.
  • Auto-generate orders by tagging and picking items from invoice history.
  • Process and track cash sales.
  • Automatically credit check orders with auto alert/hold when past due or credit exceeded.

Quote Management

  • Track quotes by sales representative, customer or product.
  • Provide customer and supplier due dates and assign individuals for follow-up.
  • Automatically insert user-defined opening and closing paragraphs.
  • Automatically create an order from a quote and track the quote-to-order hit ratio.

Price Management

  • Accurately price sales orders and quotes through a powerful and flexible pricing engine.
  • Manage customer pricing contracts.
  • Provide deal or promotional pricing.
  • Pricing based on last price charged.
  • Quantity break pricing.
  • Pricing by customer type.
  • Rules-based combination pricing.
  • Customer-defined pricing matrices.
  • Customer best price.

Accurate Credit Processing

  • Ability to pull lines from the original invoice to ensure proper credit processing.

Customer Service Inquiry

Consolidated Customer Information

The ability to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests is a competitive differentiator and a key component of success.

TECSYS provides a consolidated view of all customer information, integrating both front and back office data. Sales staff can quickly respond to customer requests for pricing information with options to tag and create orders or quotes.

  • View customer financial data, customer credit notes.
  • Create quotes and orders.
  • View product purchase history.
  • View invoice history.
  • View expediting details.
  • Quickly provide pricing information with option to tag and create an order or quote.
  • View customer sales statistics and A/R aging details.

Returns Authorization

Streamline the process of managing customer and vendor returns with Returns Authorization. Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction through the ability to monitor and track the transaction throughout the returns cycle via the unique returns identification number.

Reduce the cost of handling returns through automated integration to the General Ledger, Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Receivables, Payables, Purchase Order Processing and Service Work Order.

Generate Customer Returns Authorizations from historical invoices or manually.

  • Multiple methods of handling customer returns, including credit memo, product return, warranty return, repair and replacement
  • Multiple methods of handling vendor returns, including debit memo, replacement, refurbish/own cost, repair/vendor cost
  • Manage and track serialized products and equipment.
  • Monitor and update R/A status from Customer Service Inquiry.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Purchase Order Processing

TECSYS Purchase Order Processing functionality balances the demand from seasonal trends and exceptional orders with the need to ensure optimal inventory levels across multiple warehouses, while providing excellent customer service.

Our sophisticated expediting tool will allow your purchasing agent to work more efficiently, freeing up valuable time to negotiate your best deals with suppliers. Using flexible, user-defined selection criteria, all product requirements are collected in a central requisition.

For each product identified, the purchasing agent can view:

  • Historical buying trends
  • Source document details
  • EOQ/ROP and MIN/MAX details
  • Supplier quantity breaks
  • Supplier lead time
  • Supplier minimums
  • Inventory on-hand, committed, on-order and in-transit details in all branches

After the requisitions are reviewed, the purchasing agent can:

  • Automatically generate purchase orders to suppliers
  • Optionally send purchase orders by fax and email
  • Automatically generate stock transfer documents to and from other warehouses
  • Expedite by supplier, product, expected receipt date and job
  • Monitor vendor performance for on-time delivery, pricing accuracy and fill rate

Inventory Management

Reduce your carrying costs, labor costs and inventory write-offs while increasing accuracy and maximizing inventory turns with TECSYS Inventory Management.

  • Manage multiple warehouses with automated branch transfer processing
  • Accurately maintain lot and serial number tracking information
  • Automated cycle counting
  • Up to three sales units of measure


  • Warehouse inventory
  • Customer reserved inventory
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Consignment inventory
  • Bills of material management, including BOMs within BOMs

Multiple Costing Methods

  • Weighted average
  • Replacement cost
  • Standard cost
  • Last cost
  • Landed cost
  • Automated vendor pricing updates with optional import of pricing data from vendor supplied file

Executive and Financial Management

Clear, concise and accurate information is a requirement for making insightful business decisions. TECSYS provides an executive management dashboard, developed and refined with leaders in the industry to provide the kind of state-of-the-business analysis senior management needs.

At the click of a button, multiple views can be applied to the information displayed to show details by company, branch, customer, customer type, sales representative, sales group, or sales territory. These provide daily snapshots of business activities for a range of dates specified, including a period-by-period analysis of sales days outstanding.

Executive Management

Clear, concise and accurate information is a requirement for making insightful business decisions. TECSYS provides an executive management dashboard, developed and refined with leaders in the industry to provide the kind of state-of-the-business analysis senior management needs.

At the click of a button, multiple views can be applied to the information displayed to show details by company, branch, customer, customer type, sales representative, sales group, or sales territory. These provide daily snapshots of business activities for a range of dates specified, including a period-by-period analysis of sales days outstanding.

Financial Management

In a time of increasing financial scrutiny, the ability to record and track all financial transactions within your company is critical.

The TECSYS financial management solution provides secure, accurate, timely and up-to-the-minute information, enabling you to make strategic and insightful business decisions. Tight integration with all application modules allows you to identify and resolve problems quickly through drilldown to source documents.

Accelerate your credit and collections processes and improve your cash flow by identifying and controlling bad debt accounts, analyzing customer payment and credit history.

  • Automatic hold for past due, over credit limit accounts and expired PST certificates, in addition to automatic margin holds, pricing override holds and manual customer holds
  • On account deposits with automatic allocation to the oldest invoice
  • Pro-active warnings of delinquent accounts
  • Collection comments, including contact, phone number and follow-up date

The hub of all financial information across your organization, the TECSYS general ledger provides both flexibility and control.

  • Multiple companies, organizations and branches with individual and consolidated branch financial statements
  • User-defined financial statements, including year-to-date and prior year comparisons, budget-to-actual comparisons, user-definable calculations
  • Financial transaction audit trails
  • Upload budget and G/L entry data from Excel™
  • All financial reports download to Excel™


The ability to analyze and interpret the valuable information captured on a daily basis is an important component of our product offering.

Over 140 out-of-the-box reports are provided with the application, each with flexible data selection, sorting and output parameters to satisfy most reporting requirements.

Where reporting requirements go beyond the out-of-the-box reports provided, our ODBC compliant database facilitates access to data via third-party products such as Crystal Reports, MS Access™ and MS Excel™.

A sampling of available reports and the total number of available reports in each of the major areas includes:

General Ledger (10)

  • Financial Statements
  • Trial Balance

Accounts Payable (15)

  • Outstanding Accounts Payable
  • A/P Clearing Audit

Accounts Receivable (17)

  • A/R Aging Report
  • Customer PST/GST

Sales Orders (13)

  • Order Status Report
  • On-Time Delivery/Fill Report

Inventory (28)

  • Availability and Valuation
  • Inventory Transaction History

Purchase Orders (13)

  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Vendor Performance

Sales Analysis (17)

  • Sales Analysis Summary
  • Sales Margin

Service Work Order Management

Service Work Order Maintenance

Modern service organizations are under increasing pressure to meet service commitments. Delivering high quality service while minimizing costs and maintaining profitability, requires a comprehensive, integrated service solution that has the robust functionality required for today as well as the flexibility to meet future challenges.

TECSYS Service Work Order Maintenance will enable you to provide first class customer support, increase revenue and maintain customer loyalty.

  • Seamless integration with financials, inventory, sales orders, job costing and time entry reduces administrative costs and provides accurate invoicing information.
  • Service work orders can be linked to multiple tasks, each task can be billed separately to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Task templates can be used to speed order entry for repetitive tasks and improve accuracy of estimates.
  • Time and material and fixed cost tasks are supported to provide maximum flexibility to the customer.

Advanced features designed for today's industrial distributor:

  • Multiple work order types supported, including standard, job cost, service contract, equipment, preventive maintenance
  • Tracking of serialized equipment for warranty, preventive maintenance or contract maintenance.
  • Analysis reporting including original estimates, potential and actual billings and variances.

Job Costing

Integrated Job Costing functionality is a key component of the TECSYS product offering. It provides detailed job cost accounting for the entire job life cycle from budgeting, detailed tracking of accumulated labor and material costs, billing and profitability analysis.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Job progress tracking
  • Costing
  • Profitability
  • Work in progress

Job Life Cycle

  • Integration with accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales order processing, inventory control, purchasing, service work orders and time entry provides seamless tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Flexible billing and revenue recognition methods.
  • Drill down to source documents for all job related transactions.
  • Job-based expediting to ensure that materials are delivered on time.
  • Ability to link multiple service work orders to a job with automatic roll-up of costs.

TECSYS' leading-edge features...

such as the ability to extract and analyze data, to identify customer buying patterns, and promote the sale of substitutes are competitive advantages for industrial distributors.

John Leclair, President, ADOX/OKI

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