Distribution Made Simple

Rethinking Distribution

As a distributor, you are painfully aware of margin erosion due to errors and inefficiencies — internally and in your extended supply chain. Challenges arise daily that push you to improve order cycle times while reducing inventory costs. Customer expectations are on the rise and you're under pressure to take your customer service to the next level. Competing on price alone is no longer an option.

Delivering value beyond price is the key to acquiring and retaining customers. Doing so profitably is the key to success. Transforming your supply chain into a true "value chain" requires a modern DMS that can help you reduce non-value related activities and adopt demand-driven strategies.



Built by Distributors for Distributors

TECSYS’ Distribution Management Software (DMS) covers the entire distribution spectrum, including integrated financials and enterprise reporting — that's a lot of touchpoints! To stay on top of things, DMS' scalable transactional engine supports all cross-functional activities, anywhere, any time, so you don't miss a thing. It gives you visibility into every facet of your operations so you can respond to "issues" ahead of time and make the right adjustments whenever they're needed.

Distribution Made Simple: All of TECSYS' Distribution Management Software capabilities in one easy-to-read document.

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Buying Into Lean Supply Chain

Being lean is not merely about eliminating waste. Being lean is about eliminating waste while enhancing value. Distributors must be ready to honestly ask themselves which activities truly create value and which ones are wasteful. Here are some principles to follow to help you decide.

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We went from paper-based to RF technology in a VERY short period of time; this leap has enabled us to increase our productivity, our volume and be able to manage our distribution and sales commitments, with a minimal increase in staff.

Jeffrey Pike
Vice-President of Operations, Aetrex

In today’s competitive environment, healthcare products manufacturers are taking a hard look at capital requirements and are shedding non-core business activities like warehousing and distribution. We specialize in making distribution easy for them.

Richard Beeny
Co-founder and CEO, LifeScience Logistics

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